About Aldo

 Since year 1998, ALDO Instrumentation Co., Ltd is engaged to selling, dealership, refurbishing national and international markets. ALDO now is an industry leader in providing clinical laboratory equipments, clinical chemistry analyzers, coagulation analyzers, biotechnology equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment to customers worldwide. You can SAVE UP to 70% on pre-owned, reconditioned, refurbished and used medical equipments, instruments and systems

 We offer a wide range of medical equipments from pre-owned, reconditioned, refurbished or used, depending on your budgets and requirements. If none of your favorite in laboratory equipments is found, we will gladly help you to find the best instrumentation that suits your clinical needs.

 We are not only provide Beckman, Hitachi , Roche all types of service parts, but also have medical accessories like sample probes , reagent probes , mixer, cuvettes and electrodes, lamps and kinds of seals, tubing etc. if any further inquires are needed, please email: alanner@ms34.hinet.net for inquire.

 ALDO Instrumentation Co., Ltd. has a long practice on pre-owned, refurbished clinical and analytical laboratory equipments. We are an industry leader in providing quality used instrumentation to customers worldwide. Furthermore, we are also looking for analytical and clinical analyzers that are in good condition for sales. Our policy is to pay prior to removal of the equipment, and to arrange and pay for all shipping charges. 

 With over 14 years of experience in this industry, we guarantee your satisfaction. At ALDO Instrumentation Co., Ltd , we are professional to find, refurbish and sell at your clinical needs.

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